Quality training

MKM Academy trains and educates men’s
hairstylists to become masters of their craft.

We believe in a direct and technical approach to stimulate and inspire students at all levels of experience. Gain confidence in your craft by getting hands-on experience and practical know-how that matters in the hairdressing industry of today.

MKM Academy
Basic Course

20/40 WEEKS

Basic Shaving


Advanced Cutting


Advanced Cutting and Shaving Course


Since every individual learns at a different pace and has different areas that require extra attention, courses at MKM Academy are taken in small groups of 8-12 people. This ensures personal guidance that is focused on your individual needs.

MKM Academy courses are led by professionals with years of experience in the field of men’s hairstyling. Our teachers regularly take training courses and work in our famous barber shop Mokum Barbers. They will teach you the most innovative techniques, combined with important subjects such as communication, trends and lifestyle, and they are all committed to seeing your personal and professional progression.


Our barber training is concluded with a MKM Academy certificate that is highly valued by the sector.