Straight razor shaving, classic shave, hot towel shave.

This course will introduce you to the art of shaving. During this course, you will master the procedure of authentic shaving and learn how to achieve the optimal shaving result. Moreover, we will provide you with detailed Look and Learn classes by one of Mokum Barbers’ highly skilled instructors.


In addition to a good technique and choosing the right model for the face, we will cover important subjects such as the choice of the right blade and its maintenance, the use of the right shaving brush, shaving soap and care products, and hygiene rules within the barber trade.

More information
Experience level: Beginner
Duration: 2 days
Languages: English, Dutch
€ 475,00 Ex. VAT
MKM Starter Package

Throughout the training we will work with a starter package, including tools, materials and products that are carefully put together for the MKM Academy Courses. Use of the starter package is mandatory.

Course design

The courses at MKM Academy combine classic knowledge of hairdressing with new age innovations. Techniques such as straight razor outlining, clipper and scissor cutting as well as hot towel treatments are all covered in detail. The courses also cover other aspects that matter in the barbering industry of today, such as customer service, grooming, social media, and the business of barbering, to turn you into a confident all-round barber.

We also offer internships at our famous barber shop Mokum Barbers and our old school barber shop Gentlemen’s barbers.

Our barber training is concluded with a MKM Academy certificate that is highly valued by the sector.